Donna Peters, artist

Donna Peters, artist

Welcome to my world of art
created as a celebration of life.



Welcome to 2019

Wishing you and yours health, happiness and success in the New Year!

Life on the Water

Donna & Lewis


New original:

Never Alone by Donna Peters

Never Alone

An oil original by Donna Peters
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane while 3 of his disciples sleep nearby.

Original is available. $2700.
Would make a impressive & powerful memorial painting for family church.
We can provide the engraved brass plate with family name for dedication.

Never Alone by Donna Peters,


Living the life as an artist:

This year has held so many wonderful opportunities
for me to enjoy my art in a very personal way.

As many of you know, Lewis and I are no longer participating in art shows,
but we very much are still producing art which can be ordered by emailing or calling us!

Donna Peters, artist

256-747-4141 voice and text

I hope your faith has led you to celebrate your own talents and blessings.
I hope you will enjoy my sharing a few personal works with you.




Sunset For Two by Donna Peters

Sunset For Two

Take a break and get back to your life.


Beach Dreams

Beach Dreams

Be inspired by things of true beauty.

your own mental space!

Price list and sizes under the LadyBug


Cruising The Gulf Coast By Donna Peters

"Cruising The Gulf Coast"

The magic of good art lifts the spirit,
warms the heart and calms the nerves!

Price list and sizes under the LadyBug


Whiskey Bayou by Donna Peters

Whiskey Bayou

Serene. Room for one with a view.

Price list and sizes under the LadyBug



Aouthern Stars & Bars

Southern Stars & Bars


LadyBug Prices

Canvas giclee sizes include:

11 x 14" canvas giclee: $155. (framed $210.)
14 x 18" canvas giclee: $210. (framed $275.)
18 x 24" canvas giclee: $260. (framed $310.)
22 x 28" canvas giclee: $285. (framed $350.)

Framed canvas includes engraved brass plate with title and artist name.

note: We can ship any size canvas without the frame.
The 11 x 14" canvas and the 14 x 18" canvases can be shipped framed!
This includes the engraved brass plate.

If you wish to purchase an engraved brass plate with your unframed
canvas art, let us know! They are $15.



Place your order here:

Chat with Donna via text: 256-747-4141



Canvas frame styles

note: Please check with us about your frame choice!
There have been several changes to frame materials available to us.
We regret these changes, but have no control over it.

Cruising The Gulf Coast by Donna Peters

The original "Cruising The Gulf Coast" is available.


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Tell Me The Stories of Jesus

Jesus approaches Jerusalem with his parents.
He is now 12 years old and this trip will be one of special significance
as He reveals to the biblical leaders His very special insight and understanding
of the will of God.

Each canvas comes with a 4 page brochure explaining the symbols in the painting.

Canvas giclee prints are available:

10 x 18" canvas: $155. (framed: $215.)
14 x 24" canvas: $220. (framed: $275.)
18 x 30" canvas $275. (framed: $350.)

Please contact Donna for more info.

We never share our address list with anyone.


About the canvas giclee:

The fine art image (from the original painting) is digitally printed on a superior grade canvas
made just for fine art limited edition giclees.
Each canvas is hand varnished 3 times with preservation art varnish.
After drying, the canvas is hand stretched onto traditional artist stretcher bars.
After signing and numbering, the canvas giclee is ready for framing.

All this special preparation is completed by the artist!!


logo of Donna Peters




Home Portraits
Donna Peters


Home Portraits by Donna Peters

Original pen & ink portraits created from your photographs
are a treasure of your lifetime.

•note cards
•Christmas cards
•prints for children
•web sites and e-mail signatures
T-shirts and coffee mug art
•business cards
•family reunions
•moving gift (take the memories with you!)
•gift for weddings and retirements....

Your original will arrive to you with a CD containing
professional scans of various sizes for all your creative uses.


E-mail us your photos
and we will get started on your original work of art:


We need several photos if possible. E-mail us and we will tell you how to do this.
You can e-mail the photos to us.
If working from photos of a structure than no longer exists, send us a good quality scan at a high resolution
and we will let you know what can be created to save those memories!!








Wings of Freedom by Donna Peters

Wings of Freedom

Shown above is the framed 22 x 28" canvas limited edition:
which are limited to 100 canvas prints...
a fine art giclee on the finest cotton canvas
varnished 3 times by the artist using an excellent quality varnish
to protect your art images for decades to come.

Price as show: $350. which includes the engraved brass plate:

brass plate for Wings of Freedom by Donna Peters

Also available:

Limited Edition (paper) LandMark: $35. unframed/ $95. framed
(art image size: 7.5 x 10.5"

Canvas sizes:

(Each canvas is on high quality cotton canvas,
stretched on wooden stretchers and hand varnished.)

Canvas giclee sizes include:

11 x 14" canvas giclee: $155. (framed $210.)
14 x 18" canvas giclee: $210. (framed $275.)
18 x 24" canvas giclee: $260. (framed $310.)
22 x 28" canvas giclee: $285. (framed $350.)


Artist' note:

As we watch America move to a new day
and fearing we may lose the values our grandfathers and grandmothers
worked so hard to secure for us, it may be a very bad mistake if
I do not allow my work to reflect our blessings and my concerns.

This image is also available as a "LandMark Series,"
which will allow many to give it to the children and young adults.

God Bless America.






studio: 256-747-4141




Little Originals fall 2015 by Donna Peters

Visit the "Originals" page
in our menu above for many more original images!




page for many more available originals.






Let It Shine by Donna Peters

Let It Shine

Available as a LandMark or on canvas!

LandMark: $35.
(traditional paper edition S/N)


Canvas giclee sizes include:

11 x 14" canvas giclee: $155. (framed $210.)
14 x 18" canvas giclee: $210. (framed $275.)
18 x 24" canvas giclee: $260. (framed $310.)
22 x 28" canvas giclee: $285. (framed $350.)

Here's another image of just the art so you can see more detail:

Let It Shine by Donna Peters

The Little Round Island Lighthouse of Pascagoula, MS... in its new home.
For decades the little light protected and led the fishermen of the Gulf to safety.
Now it is the people of Mississippi that have taken the job of protecting the little light.


Logo of Donna Peters


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Whisket Bayou by Donna Peters

Whiskey Bayou

Silence caresses the bayou as the day begins to close.
A "pirogue" (Cajun style canoe) waits under the Spanish moss for an mysterious visitor.
Like angels against the blue heavens,
2 Egrets move toward their hideaway deeper into the quiet world.
Whiskey Bayou becomes a study of dark and light
in your private view of the Southern bayou.


Available as a LandMark or on canvas!


LadyBug Prices

Canvas giclee sizes include:

11 x 14" canvas giclee: $155. (framed $210.)
14 x 18" canvas giclee: $210. (framed $275.)
18 x 24" canvas giclee: $260. (framed $310.)
22 x 28" canvas giclee: $285. (framed $350.)


River Romance by Donna Peters

River Romance

A wonderful coastal scene that instantly soothes the soul.
Playful Pelicans glide across the western sky as a shrimp boat
rests before the coming night of work.

LadyBug Prices

Canvas size options available for this limited edition:

Canvas giclee sizes include:

11 x 14" canvas giclee: $155. (framed $210.)
14 x 18" canvas giclee: $210. (framed $275.)
18 x 24" canvas giclee: $260. (framed $310.)
22 x 28" canvas giclee: $285. (framed $350.)


Collectors also have a choice of adding this to their
Mississippi LandMarks:

(LandMarks framed by us: $95. includes engraved brass plate. Checkout all the LandMarks pages!)


All frames shown are just for example. Canvas sizes are "standard"
which means you can buy affordable "ready mades" for your canvas art.




Creative Courage

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