Donna Peters, artist

Donna Peters, artist

Welcome to my world of art
created as a celebration of life.


An adventure in my history....


Note from Donna Peters:
Much more is happening in my world than is reflected here.
I continue to stay in touch with many of my collectors from my side of the "working world."
Your names and faces come back to me and I smile to remember my times spent
over the last decades being with you.
It is great to hear from you.

I especially enjoy the letters from the next generations that are inheriting my art.
The art now has an added meaning for many as something their parents or grandparents enjoyed.
If asked what the value of a piece might be,
don't be surprised when I tell you,
"It's value is in the joy it brings you."

Magnolias Forever,

Donna Peters


Baywood Farm, Cowling, England

I got to spend almost a month in Yorkshire, England and Scotland
this summer. The weather was so cool, the people were so warm
and vistas were outstanding!

Donna Peters, Cowling, England

If you have heritage from
the United Kingdom, you are blessed!
Just maybe,
I can introduce you to the land of your grandfathers.

Laycock Organ Builders, Yorkshire, England

Your heritage is in the music, the foods, the vistas,
the conflicts, the suffering, but above all, the many blessings.

Until you wander into the lands of your family history,
you have missed many treasures of your own understanding.


The simple sketch is the foundation of good art.
Travel along with me as I sketch around Yorkshire, England.

Cowling Pinnacle by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

Cowling Pinnacle
Overlooking a wonderful vista of green with clean crisp air
filled with the sounds of the wind and the 'bahs' of sheep.

Black face sheep of Yorkshire by Donna Peters ©2019

Black faced sheep pause to study passers by.
Ancient paths used by our Great-Great-Grandfathers are
still protected
as public access leads you across green pastures
filled with sheep and others taking a daily walk.

Cowling "Over-Pass" by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

The stone fences have creative "over-passes"
allowing walkers and hikers to safely enter another pasture
without allowing livestock to leave.
It is very interesting to watch the dogs manipulate
these many gates.

Looking Up At The Pinnacle by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

A few newer fences and gates can be found.
Everything feels as if it has not moved in many generations.

Gill Beck Mill by Donna Peters, artist©2019

At the bottom of a long path along Gill Beck are the remains
of my family history. Gill Beck Mill of Cowling, Yorkshire, England.

At one time in the mid 1800's having his own mill was a dream
of my Great-Great Grandfather.
Then it became a heart break when it burned down during the night.

But, for those with the wisdom of faith, it was a step toward bigger things.
With mills being taken over by big business from other countries,
the small family mills and cottage weavers were forced to move on.
In 1882 my family, with young children,
packed a few treasures and sailed for America.

They left behind things that would always be memories of home.

Gill Beck Vista by Donna Peters ©2019

The grand vistas of green.

Moles on Fence at Berry Beck by Donna Peters ©2019

Mysterious discoveries along little paths.

Wood House of Cowling by Donna Peters ©2019

The quaint entrance to a home built long ago.

Hitching Stone of Yorkshire, England by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

"The Hitching Stone"
A walk among the sheep, the bog, and rock fences adorned
with wonderful flowers.

Foxgloves of Yorkshire by Donna Peters, artist ©2019


Open Doors, A special honor by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

An invitation to step behind a special set of doors....
To feel the space between the old stone walls,
the days that were spent here.
family meetings
parental teachings

Fireplace of Generations by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

To imagine how this fireplace might have looked
as my Great Grandfather played near the warm hearth....

A view to two worlds by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

A view of the world;
Keeping cold night air out but,
to life-giving sunshine.

Rock Fence with Daisies by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

Life continues to bloom in the old country.

West Closes Gate by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

Gates open and close.

West Closes of Yorkshire by Donna Peters, artist ©2019

You can leave it behind. It can fade in memory.
We are what we are.
Visiting where your heritage began
is an adventure to meet the left behind part of you.

St. Andrews of Epworth by Donna Peters, artist

The history of our faith.
It could all be just a yesterday thing,
but, it still exists.

St. Andrews Church in Epworth, England.
The tomb of Samuel Wesley, minister and father
of John Wesley, the founder of "Methodism."


I created my sketches on location.
My time to sit alone and listen to the wind, the birds and the sheep,
is the greatest treasure I could capture from my own past.
The best experiences happen when you
"get out of the truck."

Oil originals
Yorkshire, England

West Closes ©Copyrighted Donna Peters 2019

"West Closes of Yorkshire"

Walk back the roads of time to your heritage.
Reality then and reality today.
Hear the wind, feel the rain, smell the fresh green grasses.
Time is a gift to each generation, delivered on time with purpose.

WEst Closes Vista ©2019 Donna Peters 2019

"West Closes Vista"

A view from today.
Time when today was the future for some
and will the the past for those to come.


Wood House of Cowling ©2019 Donna Peters 2019

"Wood House of Cowling"

When we look to the past, we see romance.
Seen today, it is a list of things to do.
Looking to tomorrow, we seen the unknown...
the future is as uncertain as the past once was.

Cowling Pinnacle © Donna Peters 2019

"Cowling Pinnacle"

Monuments for history established by men to remind us
they were once where we are today.

Bay Wood Farm © Donna Peters 2019

"Baywood Farm of Cowling"
This original has been sold.

No matter how significant we feel we are,
the purpose of life was fulfilled here yesterday
just as it will be tomorrow.
Nature is greater than the sum of us.

Grazing On Corpse Road ©2019 Donna Peters, artist

"Grazing On Corpse Road"

Led by old photos, I sought out places of melancholy.
Seeking to walk in the steps of my ancestors,
I wanted to experience their life in small moments
so that I could relate better to my own.

Berry Bottoms Beck by Donna Peters ©2020

Life is a journey... a chain.
One link is connected to the one before it and the one after it.
Each is vital to those two links.
The strength of our life link will determine the future of the entire chain.


I hope you can walk with me in my days in Yorkshire.
The stone walls that define one family from another are also
the chains that together create society.

The moral fiber of our chain has a profound effect on
the chains all around us.
What I sought most on this trip was the value
of the chain of my family, called the Laycock's of Yorkshire.

These works are dedicated to those before me.

A special thank you to all of you who invited me into
your homes in Yorkshire, to those who shared your time, research and photos,
and those who stopped along the paths of my Great Grandfather to walk beside us.
These are the blessing they left behind for us to discover through you!!

Thank you!

donna peters


©2023 Donna Peters•All Rights Reserved



Never Alone by Donna Peters

Never Alone


Detail Images for Never Alone:

Deatail of Never Alone by Donna Peters, artist

Apostles: Peter, John & James asleep
as Jesus talks with His Father
Garden of Gethsemane


Donna Peters, artist


I hope your faith has led you to celebrate your own talents and blessings.
I hope you will enjoy my sharing a few personal works with you.


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Sunset For Two by Donna Peters

Sunset For Two

Take a break and get back to your life.


Beach Dreams

Beach Dreams

Be inspired by things of true beauty.

your own mental space!

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Cruising The Gulf Coast By Donna Peters

"Cruising The Gulf Coast"

The magic of good art lifts the spirit,
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Whiskey Bayou by Donna Peters

Whiskey Bayou

Serene. Room for one with a view.

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Aouthern Stars & Bars

Southern Stars & Bars


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Cruising The Gulf Coast by Donna Peters

The original "Cruising The Gulf Coast" is available.


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Tell Me The Stories of Jesus

Jesus approaches Jerusalem with his parents.
He is now 12 years old and this trip will be one of special significance
as He reveals to the biblical leaders His very special insight and understanding
of the will of God.

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Home Portraits
Donna Peters

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Home Portraits by Donna Peters

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Wings of Freedom by Donna Peters

Wings of Freedom

Shown above is the framed 22 x 28" canvas limited edition:
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brass plate for Wings of Freedom by Donna Peters

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Limited Edition (paper) LandMark: $35. unframed
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14 x 18" canvas giclee: $210.
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Artist' note:

As we watch America move to a new day
and fearing we may lose the values our grandfathers and grandmothers
worked so hard to secure for us, it may be a very bad mistake if
I do not allow my work to reflect our blessings and my concerns.

This image may also available as a "LandMark Series,"
which will allow many to give it to the children and young adults.

God Bless America.






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Let It Shine by Donna Peters

Let It Shine

Available as a LandMark or on canvas!

LandMark: $35.
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11 x 14" canvas giclee: $155.
14 x 18" canvas giclee: $210.
18 x 24" canvas giclee: $260.
22 x 28" canvas giclee: $285.

Here's another image of just the art so you can see more detail:

Let It Shine by Donna Peters

The Little Round Island Lighthouse of Pascagoula, MS... in its new home.
For decades the little light protected and led the fishermen of the Gulf to safety.
Now it is the people of Mississippi that have taken the job of protecting the little light.


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Whisket Bayou by Donna Peters

Whiskey Bayou

Silence caresses the bayou as the day begins to close.
A "pirogue" (Cajun style canoe) waits under the Spanish moss for an mysterious visitor.
Like angels against the blue heavens,
2 Egrets move toward their hideaway deeper into the quiet world.
Whiskey Bayou becomes a study of dark and light
in your private view of the Southern bayou.


Available as a LandMark or on canvas!


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11 x 14" canvas giclee: $155.
14 x 18" canvas giclee: $210.
18 x 24" canvas giclee: $26
22 x 28" canvas giclee: $285.


River Romance by Donna Peters

River Romance

A wonderful coastal scene that instantly soothes the soul.
Playful Pelicans glide across the western sky as a shrimp boat
rests before the coming night of work.

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Canvas giclee sizes include:

11 x 14" canvas giclee: $155.
14 x 18" canvas giclee: $210.
18 x 24" canvas giclee: $260.
22 x 28" canvas giclee: $285.



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