Donna Peters


Celebrating a life of art

Donna Peters has entered her
career’s fifth decade with enthusiasm.

The art career of Donna Peters began in the 1960’s and become a way of life in the 1970’s when she released her first lithographs. The titles, as signed and numbered fine art limited editions now number more than 250.
In addition to the fine art releases, she has published several books and illustrated for other writers.


Mrs. Peters earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alabama in 1975.
She served as Curator of Exhibits with the University of Alabama in the Alabama Natural History Museum.
During this time
Mrs. Peters was awarded a Kellogg Fellowship to study at the Field Museum in Chicago.
Her works of art and authorship have been featured in numerous publications.

"As far as the accomplishements of my life,
I prefer to be judged by the quality of my work, not the titles and awards
given by others."

donna peters


Fonna Peters in Gautier

A "plein air artist."
Another great day painting on location.
Gautier, MS


On one trip to France, she painted on location in more than 8 cities.
Working in watercolor and oil, she toured each city absorbing the inspiration of the Provence region.
The painting tour included an extra week in Paris to visit her favorite museums
and to paint on location in Tuileries Garden and the Seine River.

Donna Peters painting in Paris

A very special afternoon in Paris' Tuileries Garden

This most recent body of work from trips which include France, Italy,
Honduras,Mexico, and special locations of the US.

Some of her favorite days are spent out doors in places you probably pass every day.
Taking from the works of the great Creator, she captures moments and emotions in time.

Known for a distinctive style of realism, the works of Donna Peters possess a steady thread of creativity and a style inherently her own style. Working exclusively in watercolor for over three decades, the artist returned in 1991 to an early love of painting in oil. Regardless of the medium or subject, her style is consistent and her collectors enjoy the inspiring flow of creativity.

The artist and her husband live on Smith Lake, north of Birmingham, AL.
Their country home and environment offer them brief periods of calm, quiet and privacy needed to
refuel for a lifestyle in constant motion.


Donna Peters painting in Italy

Painting on location in Italy


Donna Peters
P.O. Box 10
Crane Hill, AL 35053