Florida LandMarks

Donna Peters

Florida flag

Donna Peters painting near Apalachicola



Florida LandMark Series

The LandMark Series images are designed to frame using an 11 x 14" frame allowing
collectors to create their own special collection of memories.
Each art image is about 7.5 x 10.5"
By adding a mat, the art is protected and the mat color will
accent the colors you wish to enhance.

Each limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.

We realize these are small images of each work of art.
To make each page quicker to access, small images are necessary.
We include one larger image of the St. Marks Light so you can see the quality:

St Marks lighthouse larger sample print

Most originals by Donna Peters are painted on location...
As the French would say "en plein air."

Donna Peters painting on location in Florida

By working on location, the artist has all the information at hand.
As the light changes and nature reveals its beauty
she can better capture the hidden treasures of each image.

The Lonely Fisherman Three Pelican LandMark

Gulf Coast Dock by Donna Peters

The Lonely Fisherman
Three Pelicans
Gulf Coast Dock
Boasts of A Fisherman
Light Reflections, St. Marks Light, LandMark Series
Little St George Light, Florida
Boats of A Fisherman
Light Reflections
St Marks Lighthouse, FL
Little St. George Light
Original location!!
Marsh Shadows by Donna Peters
Washaway House, Grayton Beach, FL
Beach Path by Donna Peters
Marsh Shadows
Washaway House
Grayton Beach, FL
Beach Path
Alligator Point, Bald Point, FL
St Augustine signed and numbered limited edition by Donna Peters
St Augustine Lighthouse

How you frame you new art is a personal decision.
The examples shown below are in 11 x 14" frames.

frame examples

If you like to shop with us at one of our shows,
you will find that we use a standard frame for the framed LandMarks
we offer at the shows.

Here is a photo of that style:

LandMark Frames

The wood frame has a nice finish.
Our mats are a very neutral color that makes the art glow.
An engraved brass plate makes a wonderful touch.

LandMarks framed: $95.
Hand-painted LandMarks framed: $110.

An engraved brass plate adds a nice touch.

brass plate

You may order these from us
if you choose to do your own framing.


Florida and Gulf Coast
Hand Painted Watercolor LandMarks
Donna Peters

A special collection of hand painted LandMarks.

Each piece is considered an original work of art.
After doing and pen and ink sketch of the location,
the sketch is printed on quality watercolor paper.
Donna Peters hand paints each one making it an original.

When ordering, please allow the artist time to paint it for you
if there is not one ready to ship to you.

Back Bay Breeze, Hand-painted LandMark Boats & Tongs, Hand painted LandMark by Donna Peters By The Dock, hand painted LandMarks Series by Donna Peters
Back Bay Breeze
Boats & Tongs
Down By The Dock
Fresh Oysters, hand painted LandMark by Donna Peters
St Marks Kight, jand painted LandMark by Donna Peters
St George hand painted LandMark by Donna Peters
Fresh Gulf Oysters
St. Marks Lighthouse, FL
St. George Lighthouse
Beach Faith, Hand painted LandMark by Donna Peters
Beach Pine , hand painted LandMark by Donna Peters
St. Marks Light, verticak hand-painted LandMark by Donna Peters
Beach Faith
Beach Pine
St. Marks Light (vertical)
The Mission Bells by Donna Peters
The Mission Bells
Alligator Point, FL


Note: When ordering the
hand-painted LandMarks,
please allow the artist
time to paint it in the event
she does not have in the studio.

Thank you!


Learning from the fishermen

Taking a break from my own work, I learn so much about
life and fishing from those around me.


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