Georgia LandMarks Series
Donna Peters

Georgia Flag



LandMarks of Georgia
Donna Peters

Each is a
signed & numbered Limited Edition on paper:

Average image size is 7.5 x 10.5"
(add mats to protect art and fit in frame)
Some may only be available as an Artist' Proof.


frame sample by Donna Peters

Frame examples to show you how they can be dressed up!

If you like to shop with us at one of our shows,
you will find that we use a standard frame for the framed LandMarks
we offer at the shows.

Here is a photo of that style:

LandMark Frames

The wood frame has a nice finish.
Our mats are a very neutral color that makes the art glow.
An engraved brass plate makes a wonderful touch.

LandMarks framed: $95.
Hand-painted LandMarks framed: $110.


Due to the number of works shown in this collection, it is necessary that we keep them small.
To give you an idea of the detail and quality of each, we include this one of
Possum Trot Church which is considered the cradle of Berry College near Rome, GA:

Possum Trot Church, Donna Peters, artist

The color and detail of each work of art by Donna Peters is much greater
than any web image can display.

Be sure to see other Georgia works of art
by Donna Peters:

The Old Mill (canvas edition)
Away Down South (limited edition on paper)

Sidney Lanier home, Macon, GA LandMark Series Woodruff Mansion, Macon, GA, LandMark Series by Donna Peters Sapelo Island Light, LandMark Series by Donna Peters
Sidney Lanier Home,
Macon, GA
The Woodruff Mansion
Macon, GA
Sapelo Island Light
Sapelo Island, GA
Possum Trot Church by Donna Peters Hay House of Macon by Donna Peters Cannon Ball House of Macon by Donna Peters
Possum Trot Church
Berry College, Rome, GA
Hay House of Macon
Macon, GA
Cannon Ball House
Macon, GA
Christ Church by Donna Peters St Simons Light by Donna Peters Sapelo Island Light, GA by Donna Peters
Christ Church
St. Simons Island, GA
St. Simons Lighthouse
St Simons Island, GA
Sapelo Island Light

Painting on location in Paris
It was June and quite cool when I got out early in the morning to capture
the first rays of sun as they warmed the awesome stones of Notre Dame.

The memories of painting on location live in my memories.

Notre Dame by Donna Peters

...and after a plane ride, it came home to be framed!


Georgia Hand-Painted LandMarks
by Donna Peters

A special collection of hand painted LandMarks.

Each piece is considered an original work of art.
After doing and pen and ink sketch of the location,
the sketch is printed on quality watercolor paper.
Donna Peters then hand paints each one making it an original.


Each hand-painted LandMark image is at least 7.5 x 10.5"
to allow collectors to frame in the same size as the limited edition
LandMarks above.

cave, Cave Spring, GA by Donna Peters Hearn Academy, Cave Spring, GA by Donna Peters Old Baptist Church, Cave Spring, GA
The Cave
Cave Spring Georgia
Hearn Academy
Cave Spring, GA
The Old Baptist Church
Cave Spring, GA
Carrillon, Stone Mountain, GA by Donna Peters
Macon bench in spring
Old Post Office in Macon by Donna Peters
The Carillon
Stone Mountain, GA
Macon Park Bench
Old Post Office
Macon, GA


The Old Mill by Donna Peters

The Old Mill
Berry College

Painted on location, The Old Mill by Donna Peters captures
a world of textures, details and emotions.

Donna painting at The Old Mill in Georgia

The Old Mill is available on canvas as
a signed and numbered edition that has been
signed, stretched and varnished by the artist... and ready for framing.

18 x 24" (a standard size!)


Canvas prints are wonderful because they capture the texture and details
so vividly. Framing a canvas is much easier and more affordable too!


Away Down South by Donna Peters

Away Down South

A signed and numbered limited edition on paper.


Image size: 15 x 21"

When considering sizes in limited editions on art,
don't forget to allow for the width of the mats and frame!

*very low inventory

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