A word used in Louisiana that means "that little something extra..."

Donna in Provence

Donna Peters painting on location
Provence, France.
A hill village that looks as if Jesus might walk the streets today...
and music coming from the open window above...
none other than Elvis!

What a life!

(See finished painting at bottom of this page!)






Home Portraits
Donna Peters

Home Portrait

To own an original Home Portrait by Donna Peters,
please send as many good photos as you have of
your home.

Include some that have close-up shots
of the doors and special architectural features.

If there are items to be left out or added, please let us know.


Home Portrait 2

Your original work of art will be shipped to you with your photos.
Included in the package will be a digital disc with
your portrait scanned for use in printing cards,
brochures, stationery, etc.


Home Portrait 3

All sketches are approximately 12 x 16" depending upon the
best proportions for each original work or the customer's request.

Framing is available.

We ask for a deposit of $100. with each order.

When your original portrait is shipped to you,
we also include a CD with high quality digital images of various sizes
so you can use it in many wonderful ways.


We love hearing how much your Home Portrait
means to you, your family
and all the way you use the art images!

E-mail us with your questions.




Windows of Paris

Windows of Paris

A set of four prints: $24.
$6. each
Each approximate image size: 5 x 7"
(perfect size for framing in an 8 x 10" frame with small mat.

Open edition; each signed by the artist.

An "open edition" means there can be any number
of prints created by the artist.



Cotton Pair of prints by Donna Peters

A great pair showing the cotton blossoms.

$6. each

$12. pair

Sized to frame each in an 8 x 10" frame using a small mat.
approximate image size: 5 x 7"

Open edition; each signed by the artist



Mardi Gras Magnolias

Mardi Gras Magnolias

A colorful pair of small prints featuring the Magnolia.

$6. each
or $12 a pair

Image size:
approximately 5 x 7" each.
Sized to fit each in an 8 x 10" frame using small mat.

Open edition; each print is signed by the artist




Traditional Limited Editions on Paper

"Signed and Numbered" by the artist...
also referred to as : S/N

s/n illustration

On a limited edition, the creating artist signs each print with 2 special
numbers as shown in the example above.
The bottom number tells how many prints are in the edition.

The top number (36 in the example) tells which one this particular print is.
In short, this print would be the 36th print in an edition of 250 signed prints.

Sometimes there may be a few "artist proofs" in addition to the regular edition.
(Donna Peters has traditionally had only 25 artists proofs in her standard limited editions.)

If you collect limited edition art, it is always nice to have a written record
of each title and the number of your prints for security.



Limited Editions by Donna Peters

Four Seasons by Donna Peters

The Four Seasons of Dixie
$75. each

Collect just a couple or all four!

It will enhance the value of your collection
if you ask the artist for the same number.

Drop us an e-mail to see if there is a complete set of the same number still available.

e-mail us your questions

Autumn In Dixie by Donna Peters

Autumn In Dixie

image size: 13 x 18"

Yes, that is cotton in the foreground!!

Summertime in Dixie by Donna Peters

Summertime In Dixie

image size: 13 x 18"

The Mississippi River Queen rolls south.
The fabulous columns of Windsor Ruins still stand.

Springtime In Dixie by Donna Peters

Springtime In Dixie

image size:13 x18"

If you recognize this as
Forsyth Park in Savannah,
you are right!

Winter IN Dixie by Donna Peters

Winter In Dixie

image size:13 x18"

Mardi Gras!
Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Dress your art with an engraved brass plate
placed on the mats under the glass
on the frame:

brass plate



A Warm Welcome by Donna Peters

A Warm Welcome

Choose the color of mats to suit your decor.
We recommend a 3" mat
and a 2" wide frame for proper balance.
A wider mat or frame is good too.

A beautiful work of art for your dining area.


Smokey Mountain Promise

Smoky Mountain Promise

image size: 18 x 24"

A S/N limited edition work of art featuring one of the little
country churches along the mountain trail.

Framing shown is just a suggestion.
We do not offer custom framing.

There are many colors and styles of frames that work on this art!


Flowers of Dixie

Flowers of Dixie

image size: 22 x 28"

A stunning work of art featuring the flowers of each Southern state.
Study the 13 different states and you will discover
that they are placed in the arrangement
in the same order as they are on a map of the South.


You cannot go wrong with any style frame
or color of mats on this one.


Away Down South

Away Down South

image size: 15 x 21"

A fine art limited edition on paper.
Colorful, rich and delicious!

The Japanese Magnolia and Azaleas will make everyday
a day in Spring for the room this calls home.


Spring Music

Spring Music

S/N edition
image size:12 x 18"
$ 55.

A beautiful limited edition on paper from an
original watercolour by Donna Peters
celebrating spring with
cherry blossoms and butterflies.





The Old Barn by Donna Peters

The Old Barn

A limited edition on paper:
image size: 18 x 24"


This image is also available on canvas:
canvas size:18 x 24"
$ 260.



Chicken Pair


Sold as a Pair

each image size: 7 x 10"

Suggested framing for Chickens

The original oils of these small S/N prints are available.
E-mail us if you would like to own them.

E-mail us!




Four Veggies by Donna Peters


$6. each

Bell peppers

Approximate image size: 5 x 7"
*Sized to frame in 8 x 10" frames using small mats


More fruits and veggies!

Hot Peppers
Green Grapes

Also available:

Purple Grapes

Approximate image size: 5 x 7"
*Sized to frame in 8 x 10" frames using small mats



Afternoon and Morning in Paris by Donna Peters

Afternoon In Paris (left)
Morning In Paris (right)

Sold separately:
S/N canvas editions

Each canvas is stretched and varnished three time:
14 x 18"
$210. each


Portals of Provence by Donna Peters

Portals of Provence

This is the painting painted on location in LaCoste, Provence
where Donna painted under a window with the golden tones of Elvis music
flowed out onto the cobblestone streets.


Romance IN Menerbes

Romance Of Menerbes

From the city of Menerbes, France where Donna Painted on location.
Like the experience of "Portals" above, this home had classical music
playing inside that could be heard on the street.

The artist visited this town to seek the autograph of Peter Mayle
on one of his novels about living in Provence.
Once there the sight of this wonderful pine tree captured her
attention and she immediately began painting on location.

Returning several days at the same time so the light and shadows
would be the same, the painting became a special treasure of the trip.

After returning home, the artist learned this home,
with the wonderful music,
was the home of a mistress of Picasso.

If you have not been introduced to the books
by Peter Mayle, please check them out on Amazon.
You will feel as if you were in the south of France,
living a very exciting life!

Check out one of my favorite books by Peter Mayle...



Cooking With Magnolias III

If you were lucky enough to get one of the first 2 volumes of Cooking With Magnolias,
you don't need to ask what these great cookbooks are all about!

Cooking With Magnolias III by Donna Peters

Filled with over 500 pages each they delight the reader, the cook and the creative.


Cooking With Magnolias III by Donna Peters

Ms Donna has added to the wonderful recipes from her friends and collectors
her short stories, sketches and "Donnaisms."

Cooking With Magnolias III by Donna Peters

Add your notes on each easy to read page so the next owner can share your memories.
Life is all about the "little things."

For your convenience, you can follow the link below and order from Amazon.


Thank you!
We know this wonderful book will become a family treasure.






Studio note:

Donna Peters has released over 250 images as signed and numbered editions.
We regret that it is impossible to provide a complete catalog of images.

If you are seeking the title of works you may own or desire,
drop us a note.
We will help you the best way we can.

Thank you so much for collecting the art of Donna Peters.

E-mail your questions.


Donna Peters o0n location in Italy

Count your blessings.
Live everyday as a gift.
If you want something to grow, share it with others.





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