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Donna Peters painting in Italy

On location in Gordes, Italy


Painting on location is not for every artist, but
Donna Peters says there is no better way to capture the true beauty!

Going from a clean canvas to a full under-painting can only be achieved
with years of practice and the desire to excel.

A personal goal was reached while painting in France.
The last week was spent in the heart of Paris... painting in Tuileries Garden!

Painting in Paris

The Parisians were accustomed to artists working in public places,
but two young ladies from the American South paused to look.

Thinking that they had discovered a (silent) French woman
painting on location, one said to the other;
"Wow, she ain't half bad!"

Ya gotta love it!
Life is rich.


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Remember there is only one original!

Summertime by Donna Peters, artist



This still-life is beautiful!
Classic oil art painted with color and detail
painted best by Donna Peters.

A classic style quality frame is perfect.

Make a statement with your taste in art!



Beauty In Bloom

Beauty In Bloom

A vibrant magnolia as only Donna Peters can paint!
oil on masonite (artist likes to prepare her own boards)
painting: 3 x 6"

Painting is floated on a field of taupe silk.
Custom framed in a very nice quality gold frame.
over-all size: 10.5 x 12.5"

A real art jewel for generations to come.


Golden Cotton by Donna Peters

Golden Cotton

A small cotton stretched canvas miniature.
An original oil by Donna Peters: 2.75 x 2.75"

Floated on wine linen field in a custom made
frame of exceptional quality.

Over-all size: 11 x 11"



Dirt Diamonds by Donna Peters

Dirt Diamonds

Oil on a masonite ground prepared by the artist.
A favorite surface that requires extra preparation
time but yields a superb painting surface for
excellent detail and texture.

painting: 5.75 x 4"

Floated on field of "plum" suede with a
simple custom oak frame.

over-all size: 11 x 13"



Southern Gold by Donna Peters

Southern Gold

Oil on a deep paint board for extra depth.
Painting is 5 x 5" and 3/4" deep.

Custom framing by the artist gives this the effect
of a shadow box presentation for extra drama.
A perfect setting for rich color and texture in the sensual cotton boll.

Frame is a metallic weathered wood of rich colors.
Art floated on teal suede background.

Over-all size: 13 x 13"





Painted With Sunshine by Donna Peters


Painted With Sunshine


Painted on location this year.
A delicious, almost sensual, oil on masonite with intense color and detail.


Pelican Party by Donna Peters

Pelican Party

Spend a great day just watching the Pelicans.
For such a body design, they bring us hours of pleasure.



Lunch Date by Donna Peters, artist

Lunch Date

Painted on location, Lunch Date features the beauty
of natures' touch.

The twisted tree appears to dance in the breeze
as it has taken its shape from the environment. Large clumps of marsh grass lines the pond like lace offering young fishes a safe place to grow, but be aware, there may be a gator listening for the arrival of his lunch!





Back Bay Path

Bay Path



An original plein air oil on 8 x 10" canvas.
At the end of the pine covered path the viewer arrives at a hidden bay.
A pair of White Egrets glisten in the warm sunshine.



My Day Off by Donna Peters

My Day Off



They say it is better to own small originals by better
known artists than big works by lesser known artists.

With that said, we say it is always good to
buy what brings you pleasure.



Southern Stars & Bars

Southern Stars & Bars


So new that this large 20 x 30" original oil has not been framed! A very special view of a north Alabama Lake with the Eagle that reminds us of our values.

*Oil on specially prepared masonite by the artist.

There will also be 13 full size canvases available.
Several have already sold.

note from the artist:

Often times I hide little messages in my originals.
These are most often found in the larger works.
In Southern Stars & Bars, the messages are:
Amazing Grace
Truth is Power
Be Brave

History tells us that the freedom of artists
is eventually lost in times of "change."
It is important that I do my part in recording our history.


Lamotte Bayou by Donna Peters

Lamotte Bayou


Oil on board, 8 x 12 1/4" A plein air
(painted in part on location) work of art.
Nothing says "Gulf Coast" like our Southern pines against the Coastal sky.
Colour, texture, emotion and design; elements of
good art.



Southern Cove by Donna Peters, artist

Southern Cove


A very serene view of the Wakulla River south of Tallahassee where the Manatees lumber the cool deep waters in silence.

11 x 14" oil on masonite*
over-all size: 15.5 x 19.5"


Good info:

*Masonite or "board" is a very old an common
painting surface. It is smoother than most canvases
thus it allows for finer detail in most cases.

Since it is cut to custom sizes,
it has this special advantage.

Masonite is usually hand prepared by the artist
and includes several sandings and layers of gesso
which can take several days.

The Canvas is a relatively modern paint surface.
Cotton and linen canvases are most common.






Back Bay Blues

Bay Blues


In the quiet of a hidden bay, only the sound of feathers in the wind breaks the silence as a pair of Great Blue Herons lift from the waters edge spreading their massive wings. A quiet as our Gulf marshes and bays seem, they are vital
to the life of our Gulf.



Palm Secrets by Donna Peters, artist

Palm Secrets


A secret view of nature becomes a really
powerful little painting.

Oil on cotton canvas: 11 x 14"
Overall size: 14.5 x 17.5"


Little Sweetshrub by Donna Peters, artist

Little Sweetshrub



A very small (2 x 2") original oil
floated on blue suede background.



Little Bunny by Donna Peters, artist

Little Bunny



Lily Isle by Donna Peters

Lily Isle

An original oil that was painted near the St Marks' lighthouse. Palm trees and water lilies make this
a fun original that will keep you in a
"coastal state of mind."


Oyster Beach by Donna Peters, artist

Oyster Beach


A favorite of the artist, Donna painted this
on location near St George Island.

The colors and textures will have you smelling
the gulf air every time you pass this original!


Mystery Waters by Donna Peters, artist

Mystery Waters


This is a hard little work to get a good image of.
Our colors in the photos seem to fade out
way too much! Sorry for this photo.

If you like this subject and size,
please check back for a better photo!


Cruisin' The Coast by Donna Peters

Cruising The Coast



This original oil framed up beautifully.
We could have sold it three times the first day it was shown at a show!

Congratulations to the happy couple who got it!



Daisy & The Queen by Donna Peters

Daisy & The Queen


An oil of the fall flowers found across
the South Land!
Fun, sentimental and very colorful.

Yellow daisies and Queen Anne's Lace.

oil on cotton 9 x 12" canvas
over-all size: 14.5 x 17.5"
Includes engraved brass plate with title and artist name.


My Ble Sky by Donna Peters

My Blue Sky


Open sky across the marsh behind
our beautiful Gulf Coast.
A favorite hidden spot where Donna Peters goes to paint
when she needs time to refuel her own spirit.

oil on masonite: 6.5 x 13"
Custom framed with linen liner & gold frame!
overall size: 11.5 x 18"



Cotton Time by Donna Peters, artist

Cotton Time


A 5 x7" oil on canvas board original floated on
a tan cotton liner in an 8 x 10" frame.
Over-all size about 12 x 14"

Photos never do capture the true beauty of these
small originals.

Donna's little cotton paintings are a favorite
among collectors. Enjoy!


Mountain Muse by Donna Peters, artist

Mountain Muse


A stunning 8 x 10" original oil
In a smooth fine finish frame with
engraved title plate.

A dazzling combination of all the good stuff!

Subject: Oak leaf Hydrangea


"Quiet" an oil painting by Donna Peters


An unusual work in oil by Donna Peters.

The mushrooms appeared one summer morning along the path to her studio. Amazing little works of the
Great Creator that keep us on our toes to remind us just how wonderful surprises can occur when we
least expect them.

This is an 8 x 10" oil on canvas
framed by the artist
with its own engraved title plate.
Overall size about 12 x 14"



Hummer by Donna Peters


This small 5 x 7" oil original generated so many comment. Congratulations to the collector who got
this little work of dazzle.

To the others who called or e-mailed that they also wanted it, we will give you first option at the next ones painted.


Note: Donna will have another "Hummer"
available at the next show!

Thank you for your patience!!



Pelican A by Donna Peters

Pelican A

Pelican B by Donna Peters

Pelican B

Together as a pair or sold separately, this small pelicans are fun images.

We are reminded of the poem of a friend who carried us out to see the Little Round Island Lighthouse in Pascagoula many years ago:

A strange bird is a Pelican,
His beak can hold more than his belly can...
That's why he is called
The Pelican

Thanks Paul for that wonderful day in the sunshine
and the wonderful memories of having seen the little light
in its original location.

Each of these small oil originals is $85.
($150.00 for the Pair)

Each small canvas board measures 3 x 3"
Overall size is about 6 x 6"
Custom framed by Donna and Lewis.

Little Hummer by Donna Peters

Little Hummer

A small oil original of the busy hummer.
Floated in a shadow box effect just perfect to make a small space dazzle with happiness and color.



Pelican by Donna Peters

Pelican on Purple Sky

Another small Pelican with loads of detail and fun.
Rich color and detail will add a smile to that little small spot in a small abthroom or over a lightswitch.


We will be adding several ore small works
in the next few days!!

Stay tuned for new art by Donna Peters!!






Remember that originals are one of a kind!
We do our best to keep this page up-dated on recent sales and new additions.

Thank you!!

No matter how far I go,
there is no place as fine as right here in my own land
with the finest folks on earth.

God Bless America



Donna on location in Biloxi

Ready to paint!!


Donna Peters
P O Box 10
Crane Hill, AL 35053


e-mail: donnapeters@mindspring.com

studio: 256-747-4141

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