Painting Workshops
Donna Peters




Artists at work!


Inspiring, comfortable, humor and learning...
the BEST way to spend a day with others who want to (really) learn to paint.

getting ready to paint!

Donna Peters begins demonstrating one small step to start your painting.
Then you do the same on your canvas before we move to the next small step.

watercolor class on the coast

Learning something new
makes life worth living!

palette layout for success!

All steps are small and explained carefully.
In a class where learning is fun.

In most classes, everyone can see Donna's palette on
a TV screen as colours are mixed.

Learning the right materials and way to do things not only saves money,
and insures you will have the best possible painting experience.

Let's paint!

For great information on the best tools and supplies for painting in oil,
print a very basic list before you buy:

Oil Supplies For Success

We strongly suggest you carefully study the web page before spending money for supplies.
There are many choices in the stores and many of them will not help you paint better!


Personal help


Intimidated but have always wanted to try this?

We make it comfortable and a real fun experience!
Call or e-mail us with your questions.





Donna in Gautier


Creative Courage

If you enjoy the art, you will sharing the personal art experiences Donna shares on her Art Blog.

The experiences of creating works of great art will add another dimension to your own creative experiences.

Join my blog today. It will inspire you!

If you would like to be on our invitation list for the next painting workshop,
send us your name, e-mail address and state.

Let us know if you prefer watercolor or oil classes.

We do not share our e-mail addresses with anyone!

E-mail us to be included!

Thank you!




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